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Annulment Granted For 'Unknowingly' Married School Admin

Embattled DeKalb County schools administrator Patricia "Pat" Pope now goes by the name Patricia Reid, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about her unusual annulment. She had an annulment granted to her because she was married to someone else without her knowledge. 

In unrelated news, she is being investigated for suspicion of corruption related to school contracts awarded to her ex-husband's architectural firm.

Turns out, she didn't realize she still was legally married to someone else when she married Anthony "Tony" Pope. 

Patricia Reid had filed for divorce from the unnamed previous husband in 2001, but it was dismissed, which she claims she did not know. She married Anthony Pope in 2005, and only became aware of the unresolved former marriage after she went to file for divorce from her most recent spouse.

Georgia family law attorney Manny Arora told reporters Patricia Reid, his client, is trying to distance herself from the criminal probe and her ex-husband, even though she is the focus of the investigation:

"I'm sure [the investigation] didn't help the relationship issues with all the stress. Until this thing is done, she's got to live her life."

According to the court order by Judge Robert Castellani, who presided over the annulment, Patricia Reed and Anthony Pope are considered "unconnected by any nuptial union or civil contract whatsoever" and thus free to marry again if they so choose.

District Attorney Gwen Keyes Fleming said she will not file bigamy charges against the former DeKalb County schools chief operating officer. She was reassigned from that position but still maintains her executive-level salary of $200,000.

If you have any questions about the validity of a current or past marriage and believe annulment might be appropriate, speaking with an Atlanta family law attorney may provide some clarity.

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