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The Halle Berry Child Custody Battle Heats Up

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry and the father of her young daughter, Gabriel Aubry, split up several months ago but now are engaged in a serious child custody battle, entertainment journal Radar Online reported. The Halle Berry child custody battle is one that will certainly involve an attorney because Gabriel Aubry wants permanent custody.

As is common for A-list movie actors and actresses, Halle Berry is shooting a film halfway across the world for three months. But since the actress plans to be in South Africa with her child, Gabriel Aubry is reportedly exploring his legal options.

An unnamed source "close to the situation" told Radar reporters that the father is fighting for permanent custody of daughter Nahla.

The former couple, who did not marry, has joint custody but the source said Gabriel Aubry has been unable to see her:

"He's really getting sick of it and it's getting to the point where he is seriously considering his options regarding pursuing permanent custody."

He will not allow his estranged former partner to take their daughter to South Africa for three months without him, while Halle Berry wouldn't agree to leave Nahla with her father in Los Angeles during the film shooting, the source said.

But it seems like the two have reached an agreement, according to the source, where Gabriel Aubry will be a full-time nanny to his daughter in South Africa (and get paid) while Halle Berry works. They reportedly will be in the same rented house together, which the source said could be difficult:

"Heaven only knows how that's going to work out, as they haven't been on the best of terms lately, but they do both love their daughter so maybe they can make it work."

For those us in Atlanta who are not Hollywood celebrities, it is the job of Georgia family law attorneys to treat their clients as if they were all A-listers. Child custody issues almost always benefit from the help of a legal professional.

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