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Top 15 Predictors Of Divorce

There are no hard and fast rules in determining whether or not your marriage is headed for divorce, but an article in The Daily Beast has boiled it down to 15 red flags. While these are very compelling numbers, please keep in mind that there are no hard and fast predictors of divorce. The good news is that the U.S. divorce rate has fallen and now is somewhere between 40 and 50 percent; not terrific but a positive trend.

We won't go into all 15 here, but the article is worth a read.

Some of the findings seem totally rational, including the likelihood that disagreements over finances often sink marriages. According to the "State of Our Unions 2009" study from the University of Virginia's National Marriage Project, couples that argue over money at least once a week are 30 percent more likely to call Atlanta divorce lawyers.

You're 40 percent more likely to get divorced if your parents did; 91 percent more likely to get divorced if your parents remarried after their divorce. The article quotes Divorce Magazine publisher Dan Couvrette, who says witnessing our parents' divorce reinforces a lack of commitment in a "disposable" society:

"In most people's minds, it's easier to get a new car than fix the one you've got."

Also, second marriages are 90 percent more likely to end in divorce than first marriages and families with twins or triplets are 17 percent more likely to get divorced. Those seem to make sense.

But consider these other indicators of divorce.

Those living in "red" (conservative) states are 27 percent more likely to divorce than those living in "blue" (liberal) states; a marriage where only one partner is a smoker is 75 to 91 percent more likely to end in divorce (perhaps not too surprising); couples with a daughter have a 5 percent increased likelihood of getting divorced than those with a son; and women diagnosed with cervical cancer are 40 percent more likely to get divorced, compared to 20 percent higher for men diagnosed with testicular cancer.

Again, these are just statistics and don't necessarily relate to everyone in the real world. Whatever your reason for ending a marriage, it's often a good idea to retain the services of an Atlanta divorce attorney.

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