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Al Gore's Daughter, Karenna Gore Schiff, Separates From Hubby

Just one week after former Vice President Al Gore and wife Tipper Gore announced their intention to get divorced, daughter Karenna Gore Schiff has separated from husband Drew Schiff after 12 years of marriage, as reported by People Magazine.

That makes the third Gore separation or divorce in about a year, according to a blog entry. Al and Tipper Gore's daughter Kristin Gore called it quits this time last year after just four years of marriage.

There is no legal requirement for separation prior to divorce in the Peach State, as a Georgia family law attorney would tell you. Some other states require a separation period of about six months before courts will grant a divorce.

An unnamed friend of the New York couple told People that they are not necessarily seeking a divorce:

"[They] have been separated for a couple of months and in marriage counseling."

Another unnamed friend of the family told People that it's "amicable," that they are in counseling and "they are not divorced." What is clear is that their marriage is on the rocks, but couples sometimes work things out.

The two anonymous friends told reporters they wanted to speak out about the Schiffs' marriage in order to counter any misinformation about their separation. One friend lamented the "rumor-mongering" surrounding the Gore family:

"People are looking for reasons and there's a lot of psychoanalysis of the Gores."

Perhaps it's ironic, since Al and Tipper Gore actually are in the process of getting divorced, but the estranged couple reportedly have both been to New York to help the family in its time of crisis. And according to news reports cited by People, Al Gore is still wearing his wedding ring.

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