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Jason Carey Cleared In Shooting Of Suspected Child Support Scofflaw

An independent investigation into Savannah Metro Officer Jason Carey's fatal shooting of Larry Wall four months ago has largely cleared the officer of wrongdoing, according to the Savannah Morning News. State investigators carrying out the review concluded that Jason Carey acted within the boundaries of his duties.

While much of the story involves the investigation and the age-old debate over rules of engagement, it's important to point out that the shooting victim was a suspected deadbeat dad.

So despite a court order secured presumably with the help of the Georgia family law attorney representing the mother of Larry Wall's child, his alleged nonpayment resulted in multiple warrants for his arrest. This eventually led to his death.

Officer Jason Carey was trying to arrest him on these warrants, as well as an unrelated out-of-county probation violation, when Larry Wall reportedly attacked him with a knife. Evidence gathered by state investigators back the officer's claims that he was attacked and in danger before drawing and firing his weapon.

Officer Jason Carrey was protected by a bullet-proof vest.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation also disproved rumors that the officer was assigned to a different beat the day of the shooting and that the two men were romantically involved with the same woman. Friends and family of Larry Wall, however, believe the investigation missed something.

A rally for Larry Wall claiming the use of improper, excessive force by the officer, took place outside the Savannah courthouse a week after the shooting, Savannah's NBC affiliate reported. It's unclear how the recently completed GBI investigation and grand jury investigation, both clearing the officer, will impact the public's opinion.

But this is just another example of how emotions and tensions can run high when dealing with child custody, support and other family law issues. Contact an Atlanta family attorney if you need legal advice.

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