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DA: Alex McNaughton Murdered Wife, Who Wanted Divorce

The Coweta County trial of Alex McNaughton, who was charged in the February 2009 murder of wife Cathy McNaughton, is underway and both sides have presented vastly different versions of what happened on that fateful day, according to the Newnan Times-Herald. She was stabbed to death at the couple's home in north Coweta.

Kevin McMurry, assistant district attorney for the Coweta Judicial Circuit, gave the prosecution's opening statements. He said the couple had marital problems and that the victim wanted out of the relationship:

"She knew she had to get a divorce and planned to get one."

But before she could pick up the phone and call a Georgia family law attorney, she was brutally murdered; allegedly at the hands of her husband.

The assistant DA said evidence shows that the two of them worked from home on Saturday mornings; but he said on this particular Saturday things took a sinister turn around 1:30 p.m. when Alex McNaughton allegedly murdered his wife and promptly left the house after stuffing his bloody clothes and shoes into a garbage bag:

"He knew he had to get out of the house, change clothes and be somewhere else."

Several other pieces of evidence allegedly tying him to the murder were discussed as well. Mike Kam, Alex McNaughton's defense attorney, opened with a statement that prosecutors lack evidence to tie his client to the crime:

"Mr. McMurry is not telling you what the evidence shows, but what they interpret that the lack of evidence shows."

He questioned the accuracy of cell phone records which the DA claims prove Alex McNaughton was lying and also said a neighbor called as a witness was not telling the truth, either. Mike Kam also pointed out that the police failed to find the murder weapon, bloody clothes, nor any trace of his DNA at the crime scene.

He also claims the prosecution decided early on that Alex McNaughton would be charged, failing to investigate other potential suspects.

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