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Bleacher Report: Top 100 Worst Husbands Ever

Sports commentary web site Bleacher Report recently named its "Top 100 Worst Husbands Ever," which isn't just limited to sports figures. Countless other husbands across the country would make this list if they were popular; but they chose to focus on married male celebrities who've let fame go to their heads:

As sports has merged with pop culture which has merged with politics which has merged with traditional concepts of royalty and led to a blending together of all of those concepts, one truth remains vital and self-evident: Men in power can sometimes behave like dogs.

Are you married to the worst husband or wife ever? Probably not (just look at this list); but you might consider speaking with a Georgia family law attorney if your marriage is on the rocks.

Here are some of the worst husbands, in no particular order:

  • Babe Ruth: The baseball great's trysts with prostitutes and multiple mistresses are part of his mystique. Ken Burns' documentary "Baseball" does a good job summarizing The Bambino's infidelities.
  • Thomas Jefferson: The beloved founding father was having an affair with at least one of his slaves around the time he was drafting the Declaration of Independence.
  • Strom Thurmond: The South Carolina senator, who married his 22-year-old second wife when he was 66, fathered a child by a 16-year-old black maid when he was 22. He ran for President on a segregation platform and filibustered the Civil Rights Act.  
  • Mickey Mantle: This quote by the Yankees slugger sums it up: "Married a girl I didn't love because my father told me to... brought both my wife and my mistress to my retirement ceremony."
  • Joseph Jackson: He may have fathered one of the most talented families in musical history, including the late Michael Jackson, but he also reportedly beat his wife and had at least one affair.
  • John McCain: Although the Arizona senator's first wife waited patiently for her husband's return from Vietnam, he ditched her after she was involved in a near-fatal car wreck. He then married the wealthy, younger and more-attractive Cindy Lou Hensley.

We could have mentioned Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen or Tiki Barber, but they would have been too obvious. Husbands, don't be like those guys.

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