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Michael Jackson's Former Bodyguard Says He's Blanket's Dad

Martial arts expert and former Michael Jackson bodyguard Matt Fiddes claims he's the biological father of the pop star's son, Blanket, according to the Herald Sun. "Blanket" is the nickname for Prince Michael II, whom Michael Jackson raised as his own son; but Matt Fiddes' announcement casts doubt on the King of Pop's paternity.

He told Australian reporters that he donated sperm for Michael Jackson because the deceased singer feared being killed on stage. He said the singer asked him to look after his children if anything were to happen to him, which still doesn't quite explain the alleged sperm donation.

He's not required to prove his paternity unless the mother files a paternity suit, which any Georgia family law attorney would tell you. But it sounds like Matt Fiddes is the one who wants to reunite with the boy he claims is his son.

The story broke as Matt Fiddes was on his way to Australia to promote his new fitness center in Brisbane. He said Blanket looks just like him and spoke of it as a settled issue, even though a confirmed DNA test has not been publicly reported:

"I knew [the news] would break eventually because [paternity] has been mentioned in court documents and people have known for a while, but no one was game to print it. There is an incredible resemblance between me and him and [Blanket] has also talked to his friends about me."

The martial arts guru also said that he was cut off by Michael Jackson's family even though he was part of the singer's inner circle prior to his death. It sounds like more information might come to light in the near future:

"I will talk [more generally] about the whole process and where I go from here, and how it has changed my life - because I want to shut the door on it."

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