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Tonya Craft Child Custody Hearing Begins

Tonya Craft, who was acquitted on charges of child molestation, still lost her job as a Chickamauga (Tennessee) kindergarten teacher and lost custody of her children. But after several delays, she finally will have the opportunity to regain full custody as her trial begins, the Rome News-Tribune reported.

She was arrested and charged with 22 counts of child molestation, based primarily on testimony by the alleged victims that turned out to be sketchy at best. Her ex-husband successfully stripped her of legal custody by filing a motion immediately after her arrest.

The custody hearing originally was scheduled for July 22, then postponed until September 28, finally began on Tuesday. One of her attorneys, Clancy Covert, spoke with reporters before the trial:

“There’s a certain amount of frustration with the delays, but at the same time, the best interest of Tonya’s children is still the number one priority, and appropriate time needs to be taken to do things the right way.”

As any Tennessee or Georgia family law attorney would tell you, sometimes even exoneration is not enough to put all the pieces of one’s life back together. But since the postponements have to do with an ongoing custody evaluation, perhaps it’s not as straightforward as it seems.

The hearing is expected to last through this week and possibly into next week, according to Clancy Covert. Tonya Craft also is being represented by Atlanta family law attorneys Scott King and Cary King.

Tonya Craft has been fighting in the courtroom for the past two and half years following her arrest and trial for molestation. She told reporters she vows to continue until she gets her kids back:

“I haven’t stopped fighting for the truth since May 30, 2008. It has been six months, and four days since the acquittal, and my fight has been for my children throughout this entire travesty.”

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