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January is Most Popular Time of Year to File For Divorce

Did you know that more people file for divorce in January than any other month? reports that this trend occurs around the country, with many people following up on their New Year’s resolution to start a new life separate from their spouse. Family law attorneys especially see a large number of January divorces in families with children.

Perhaps the month of January is also a popular time to divorce because the December holidays can be a time where emotions run high, leaving people to become angry or unhappy with their marriage. Just after the holiday season, many people might feel that divorce is their best option.

January could be seen as a perfect time for people to start the paperwork that is involved in dissolving a marriage. Divorce forms for a Fulton County divorce can be found through the Family Division of Fulton County's Superior Court website at The county's Family Law Information Center (FLIC) contracts attorneys who can provide free 30 minute consultations on an appointment basis. This allows Georgia residents to learn more about the legal process of divorce if they do not have legal counsel.

The perfect time for a divorce can't always be marked on a calendar, so make sure that divorce is the right decision for you before going through with the legal process. Courtney Stovall, founder of online divorce community said on that "It's important to divorce at the time that's psychologically best for you. For most couples, the 'best' time is when they know they've done everything they could have done to make it work."

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