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Getting Married While in State Prison

Did you know that it is legal to get married in the state of Georgia while you're serving time in prison? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported of a couple that got married in the visitation room at Al Burruss Correctional Training Center in Forsyth.

The groom, Anthony Kilgore, was convicted of murder in DeKalb County and will likely spend the rest of his life in state prison. However his new wife, Katrina Kilgore, said that she first met her husband as a child and that she believes that he has changed since the time of the 1985 murder.

The story of the Kilgores brings up how prisoners in Georgia can still have somewhat of a personal life and deal with family law proceedings while they're locked up behind bars. Laws relating to marriage and divorce still apply to those that are in prison.

However, when there are children involved in a divorce case, a parent will often not be able to keep custody of their child if they're in prison for a great length of time. A judge may even order the prisoner to have his or her parental rights terminated in such situations.

Data from the Georgia Department of Corrections indicates that about 13.47 percent of the state's almost 53,000 inmates are married. Hence, many of these people could be facing family law issues relating to marriage or divorce. The state of Georgia does not currently allow inmates to have conjugal visits with their spouses, so it is unlikely that inmates will be able conceive a child while they are in the state's custody.

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