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Falcon Christopher Owens Wants Ex's Restraining Order Tossed

Christopher Owens of the Atlanta Falcons was named Man of the Year in 2010 for his community work, but now it looks like his good reputation has been ruined due to his ex-girlfriend's allegations of family violence, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution. Or has it?

Together, Owens and 22-year-old Latia Terry have a 9-month old daughter and now there seems to be some argument over who should have custody of the child and if there needs to be a restraining order in place between the couple. According to court documents filed by Owens' attorneys in Gwinnett County, Terry told Owens that he should "never see his baby again" and that she plans to "ruin him."

These documents request that Terry be denied a restraining order against Owens, which she had previously requested. CNN reports that Owens claims that even after Terry alleged violence in their relationship, she still regularly left their child in his sole custody and even let him travel with their 9-month old child.

Attorneys representing Owens also say that there is no basis to the family violence claims and affirm that the NFL dad has voluntarily paid child support, expenses, and for the apartment that Terry lives in, even with no court order in place requiring him to do so.

The family violence allegations and request for the restraining order could just be an attempt to slander Owens. On June 22, Owens will appear before the court to tell his side of the story. A judge will decide if Terry’s request for a restraining order has any merit.

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