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Many Same-Sex Couples in Georgia Also Raising Children, Census Says

The 2010 census data is out.

And one of the fascinating things learned about Georgia is that there are close to 30,000 same-sex couples living together in Georgia, reports the Georgia Voice.

The way that the census takers came to compile this information is interesting, given that the census did not ask respondents to indicate their sexual orientation.

Here’s how the information came out.

Apparently, the census allowed respondents to state if they lived with an “unmarried partner” or “spouse” and then to indicate the gender of that person.

Overall, the census counted a total of 211,834 unmarried partner households in Georgia — most of these were male-female households. Out of that 14,573 were male householders living with male partners, and 15,271 same-sex female unmarried partner households. The number is up 10,000 in total from the 2000 Census.

The counties where most of the same-sex Georgia couples live are DeKalb County and Fulton County, which are in the heart of Atlanta. However, interestingly, same-sex couples are also quite prevalent in the North Georgia mountains. The next three counties with high concentrations of gay couples are Fannin County, Gilmer County, and Rabun County.

Among all these same-sex couples, many are raising children, reports Georgia Voice, with the lesbian couples more likely to be raising a child by a two to 1 margin.

The amount of children that same-sex couples are raising today has a huge impact on family law, because quite often there are instances of same-sex couples breaking up, creating a custody issue battle that is more complicated than that faced by heterosexual couples.

As the number of gay and lesbian couples in Georgia increases, it will be important to keep an eye on these numbers.

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