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Tiki Barber Wedding to Traci Lynn Johnson Is On Hold

Numerous fans of the NFL will remember Tiki Barber as the former running back of the New York Giants. But he's also been the subject of celebrity gossip because of his later job at NBC and the saga of his relationship with ex-wife Ginny Barber and potential new wife Traci Lynn Johnson. It turns out now that Tiki Barber's wedding to Traci Lynn Johnson is on hold pending the divorce with Ginny Barber, reports the Huffington Post.

Barber split from his wife Ginny of eleven years while she was pregnant, and then got together with Traci Lynn Johnson, an intern at NBC. They later became engaged.

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Tiki Barber's plan to marry Traci Lynn Johnson has been delayed, however, because the Ginny Barber divorce has not been finalized, largely because of unresolved child support issues, reports the New York Post. Ginny reportedly wants $150,000 a month -- a month! -- in child support.

Obviously Tiki Barber can't be married to two people at once as that would be bigamy. The oft-confused word is defined as the crime of marrying someone while still legally married to someone else. Usually it is polygamous individuals that are guilty of being bigamists.

An individual that is engaged in bigamy -- and the people with whom she or he are married -- will not be able to divorce. Instead, the marriage will be annulled under Georgia Code 19-3-2 and 19-4-1.

The legal theory underlying annulment is that the marriage was never valid to begin with -- meaning that the marriage never existed in the eyes of the law. In legal terms, marriages subject to annulment are classified as "void" or "voidable," and are sometimes called "nullified" marriages. An action for an annulment must be started by a certain time.

Tiki Barber doesn't want to be known as a bigamist or to have his new marriage annulled, so he'll be waiting to marry Traci Lynn Johnson untill his divorce is finalized. How long that may take will depend on how long it takes to sort out all the other typical family law issues of child support, alimony and custody.

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