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Top Five Georgia Child Support Stories of 2011

Whether you are a "non-custodial" mom or dad, paying ordered child support is mandatory upon you.

However, some non-custodial parents get behind on child support payments and fail to catch up. For some this is caused by a lack of employment, for others it might be due to personal circumstances.

Then there are cases of celebrity child support arrears, which have their own dynamic, and this year Georgia saw a handful of these. Here are the top five child support stories covered by this blog:

DeKalb Deadbeat Dads Arrested

DeKalb County’s Sheriff’s Office sent out two dozen deputies and supervisors on Wednesday and arrested ten men that had either abandoned their children or had not paid child support, reports WSB Radio.

The DeKalb deadbeat dads, as they are being called, were arrested after authorities filtered through hundreds of warrants — 114 to be exact. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office sets up roundups like this once a year, usually around the holidays, to try and get unpaid child support for children that need it most. The warrants issued often include a “purge amount” that lets the men pay a certain amount to get out of jail, reports WSB.

At least the DeKalb deadbeat arrests were not an elaborate trap like the one carried out in Alabama a few months earlier.

The Citadel Porn Suit Filed By Teenage Girl's Father

The father of a Georgia teen is suing the military college, The Citadel, as well as one of its ex-cadets, for putting his daughter's name and phone number on a pornographic website, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Randy Upton, who is from Oxford, Georgia, is now suing to protect 17-year-old Kelsey Upton, after ex-cadet Andrew Steven Smith improperly used the pornographic site, reports the Post and Courier.

Kobe Bryant Divorce: No Pre-Nup and Possible Adultery?

NBA star Kobe Bryant and his long-time wife Vanessa Bryant are getting a divorce, reports KTLA. They have two children and the final settlement is expected next year.

Since the divorce petition, which was filed by Vanessa, does not state the reasons for the split, it is hard to speculate about the causes behind the divorce. However, there are some reports that Kobe's adultery with multiple women may have spurred the split, reports TMZ. The website, which broke the story, also reports that Kobe's net worth is around $150 million and the couple do not have a pre-nuptial agreement.

Since California is a community-property state, experts feel that Vanessa will get about half of the family's wealth.

RHOA: Sheree Whitfield Child Support Drama with Bob Whitfield

Season 4, Episode 6 of Real Housewives of Atlanta took a turn towards family law when Sheree Whitfield faced off against her ex-husband Bob Whitfield in court over child support, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The episode had a further twist as Sheree is being represented by cast-mate Phaedra Parks who is a lawyer in Atlanta.

The crux of Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield's child support drama is that he allegedly hasn't paid child support in years, while he is saying that he would like to reduce his child support payments because his income is greatly reduced.

Roddy White Paternity Results Would Determine Child Support

A woman named Stacey Hott is claiming that her four-month-old is the biological child of pro-bowl Atlanta Falcon wide-receiver Roddy White, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from an exclusive from TMZ.

It seems like baby-mama issues are everywhere for NFL wide-receivers. Just recently the former Dallas Cowboy wide-receiver, Terrell Owens, went through his own child support saga, as discussed by FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog.

Alcohol Consumption Leads to Likelihood of Unsafe Sex

Alcohol consumption leads to a likelihood of unsafe sex, reports The Atlantic.

In a study conducted by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, a series of 12 experiments found that alcohol consumption and the intention to engage in unsafe sex were linked. In their analysis, the researchers randomly assigned the participants to a drinking group or a sober group and measured a person's intention to have sex without a condom.

James Barrow Gets Life For Killing His Estranged Wife

James Barrow, a 37-year-old, recently got life for killing his estranged wife in a mall parking lot, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He pleaded guilty for the act that was committed in front of the woman's teenage daughter.

The fatal shooting occurred in the parking lot of the Old National Discount Mall on Godby Road in College Road while the victim, Asa Barrow, was shopping with her 14-year-old daughter and the daughter's father Willie Lyles. During the stand-off, James Barrow shot Asa Barrow in the chest and then shot her three more times before leaving the scene.

Bishop Eddie Long Divorce: Can't Make Up Its Mind

Atlanta’s famous Bishop Eddie Long, who had been facing sex abuse allegations as previously discussed by FindLaw’s Atlanta Personal Injury Law Blog, is now in the midst of a topsy-turvy on-off-on again divorce from his wife Vanessa Long, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Bishop Eddie Long, who is a pastor at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, must have been as confused by his wife’s recent announcement as the rest of his congregation. Vanessa Long released three announcements in the same day. In the first she said she was seeking to end her 21-year-marriage; then around lunch-time she withdrew her decision after “prayer reflection”; and then six hours later she reaffirmed her morning announcement.

Vanessa Long then said that she was not going to make any more pronouncements except through her attorneys, reported the AJC.

Carulus Hines of Atlanta: Mother Thought She Was God

A mother of two, Carulus Hines of Atlanta, reportedly thought she was God, as she stabbed her baby daughter and was eventually shot by the police when she did not stop, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Hines was described to the police operator as a healthy 40-year-old standing more than six feet tall and weighing three hundred pounds.

The police ended up shooting Carulus Hines sixteen times after she had first thrown her 8-year-old son out of a window and then sat down in a locked room holding her daughter in one arm and stabbing her with the other.

Guide to Hiring a Georgia Family Law Attorney: Costs

Whether you are going through an annulment, a divorce, child support, child custody litigation, or opening up an old case (and old wounds), you are going to be looking for a reputable and capable family law practitioner to get you through the process.

But how do you go about finding an attorney? And what do you need to look at when making the decision? The researchers at FindLaw have put together various tips pertaining to what might be the most important consideration for people when it comes to hiring a Georgia Family Law attorney: cost.

Child Molestation Charges for CDC Dr. Kimberly Lindsey

A well-respected scientist with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta has been charged with child molestation and bestiality in DeKalb County, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She is back to work after a preliminary hearing.

Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey is the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office at the CDC and has previously worked in terrorism preparedness. Her live-in boyfriend, Thomas Westerman, who works in other capacities at the CDC, is also charged with two counts of molestation, though no bestiality.