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Roddy White Paternity Results Would Determine Child Support

A woman named Stacey Hott is claiming that her four-month-old is the biological child of pro-bowl Atlanta Falcon wide-receiver Roddy White, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution from an exclusive from TMZ.

It seems like baby-mama issues are everywhere for NFL wide-receivers. Just recently the former Dallas Cowboy wide-receiver, Terrell Owens, went through his own child support saga, as discussed by FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog.

However, unlike Terrell Owens, White is still at the very early stages of a potential child custody issue. Right now, Hott's demand for child support presupposes that Roddy White's paternity test will conclusively establish that he is the father. Without a DNA match between White and the child, the Falcon wide-receiver won't be liable for support.

Support is a major reason for establishing paternity. White's paternity could make him liable for a whole lot of monthly payments. He recently signed a contract worth $48 million over six years. Stacey Hott is reported to be a banker -- which could mean just about anything from teller to CEO -- but regardless of her position she is unlikely to be pulling Roddy White level income.

In the event White's paternity results comes out positive and he and Hott do not marry or live together, and if she is the primary care-taker of the child, then White would be considered the non-custodial parent. He would likely have visitation hours agreed upon between he and Hott or set by the court.

Later on down the road, if he leaves the NFL and moves to a less lucrative field, White will probably seek to pay less in child support and have to file a child support modification motion. At all these stages, Roddy White will be in need of a lawyer to quarterback his legal responsibilites to his alleged child.

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