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January 2012 Archives

How To Choose Your Child's Guardian

Many parents, married and divorced, are quite responsible and tend to think about their children's future should something happen to the both of them. In considering this possibility, the question often arises of how to choose your child's guardian, reports The New York Times.

The paper poses the question through the life of a mom called Jennifer. She is struggling to determine who should be her children's guardian given that her nearest relative, her widowed mother, is approaching 70, and as such, is not the best long-term plan.

Information about the Georgia Child Support Calculator

Local parents are often faced with questions related to Georgia child support. This includes those parents that are asking for it for the first time, as well as those that are asking for a readjustment.

There is generally a hearing involved in child support proceedings, though it doesn't always get before a judge. Often, support may be arranged either between the parties, or with the help of mediators.

More Twin Births in America: More Child Support For Twins?

Fertility is doubly good these days. It turns out that more and more twins are being born in the USA, reports The New York Times.

These days, one in thirty babies in the USA is a twin. While experts cite fertility drugs as one reason for the increase in twin births in America, the rest has to do with an increase in the average age at which women give birth. Biologically speaking, older women are more likely to produce more than one egg in a cycle.

Kenny G Divorce from Lyndie Benson-Gorelick: Some Issues

Jazz musician and everyone's guilty pleasure, Kenny G may be getting a divorce from his wife, Lyndie Benson-Gorelick, reports the Huffington Post. The couple has filed for legal separation. The possible divorce is significant in American history, because as a result of the divorce the world will come to learn 1) that Kenny G was married, 2) to whom, and 3) that the G stood for Gorelick and not Gangsta.

Teen Moms Statistics USA: Unintended Teen Moms Study Released

Unintended teen moms such as Bristol Palin and those on MTV's Teen Mom show have made national headlines recently.

However, while the cultural landscape discussed them, there was a lot of empirical data missing. Now, thankfully, to resolve the teen mom mystery, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has put forward a new study, reports 11 Alive Atlanta.

Roswell Mom Locks Kids Out in Cold and Rain?

A Roswell mom, Ruth Parada, was arrested for allegedly locking her kids out in the cold and rain, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The incident occurred at the Belcourt Apartments off Belcourt Parkway. The kids locked out in the rain were aged 9 and 11.

"They were only wearing pajamas and no shoes, and it was cold and raining outside," Officer Lisa Holland, Roswell police spokeswoman, told WSBTV.

Class Action for Parents Jailed for Failure to Pay Child Support

Judge Jerry Baxter, a Fulton County Superior Court judge, granted class-action status to a lawsuit against the state by five parents that had been jailed for child-support debt, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

All around Georgia, there are thousands of poor parents facing jail-time for failure to pay child support. Getting approval for a class-action means that any and all of these poor parents may be able to join the lawsuit that is demanding that if they can’t afford it, a lawyer should be appointed to represent poor parents.

Halle Berry Engagement to French Actor Olivier Martinez

The Oscar-winning actress, Halle Berry, announced that she is engaged to Olivier Martinez, a French film actor, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Halle is well known around Atlanta, because of her history with the city. During the 1990's she was married to former Atlanta Braves star David Justice, reports Time.

Berry's Oscar-winning performance in the film, Monster's Ball, is also set in the Southern United States.

Mayor Kasim Reed Marriage Details?

Will one of Atlanta's most eligible bachelors, Mayor Kasim Reed, be getting married soon?

If you were listening to the community affairs program "In Contact" with host Angela Robinson you may have accidentally gotten a hint of Kasim Reed's marriage in the near future, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The information came out during the last minutes of Angela Robinson's show when the viewing public could call in. One viewer asked if the Mayor would marry before the end of his term, and with a smile the Mayor said, "Yes, I think so."

Gucci Mane and Baby Mama Sheena Evans Reach Settlement

The rapper Gucci Mane may be facing tough times with the law due to a sentence for battery, as noted by FindLaw's Celebrity Justice, but that did not prevent him from coming through on his child support.

Gucci Mane -- whose real name is Radric Davis -- recently entered into a child support agreement with his baby mama Sheena Evans in a Georgia court, reports TMZ. Gucci Mane will be paying $2,026 a month to help pay for his 4-year-old son.

Adoption Reunion: Mother and Daughter Reunite after 77 Years

The story of 100-year-old Minka Disbrow and her biological child began in the early part of the last century when Minka was raped and had to give up her child for adoption, but the story found a conclusion recently when the mother and daughter reunited, reports the Associated Press.

Disbrow, the child of Dutch immigrants, used to live in South Dakota, where at the age of thirteen, she and another girl were raped by three men. When Disbrow became pregnant she was sent to a Lutheran home where she gave birth to Betty Jane, whom Minka Disbrow ended up giving up for adoption.