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Adoption Reunion: Mother and Daughter Reunite after 77 Years

The story of 100-year-old Minka Disbrow and her biological child began in the early part of the last century when Minka was raped and had to give up her child for adoption, but the story found a conclusion recently when the mother and daughter reunited, reports the Associated Press.

Disbrow, the child of Dutch immigrants, used to live in South Dakota, where at the age of thirteen, she and another girl were raped by three men. When Disbrow became pregnant she was sent to a Lutheran home where she gave birth to Betty Jane, whom Minka Disbrow ended up giving up for adoption.

Fast forward nearly a century and Disbrow came to learn that her daughter, who now went by the name Ruth Lee, was looking for her. In fact, Ruth Lee had been living in Alabama and had given birth to numerous children and grandchildren. One of Ruth Lee's sons -- Mark Lee -- was a famous astronaut and had circled the world 517 times. The reunion occurred largely because of research by Ruth Lee's children and now all the families have been meeting one another regularly.

This story is inspiring and heart-warming, of course, but it also speaks well about the adoption process in general. People who are adopted can become successful and well-adjusted mothers and grandmothers with accomplished children.

Under Georgia adoption laws -- any child ten years younger than the person seeking adoption (as well as any adult that gives written consent) may be adopted by another person. If a child is more than 14 years of age, then it is required by law to get his or her consent.

And who may adopt in Georgia? Any adult at least 25 years of age or married and living with a spouse, who is a resident of the state for at least six months. For more information about Georgia adoption laws kindly speak to a family law attorney.

Minka Disbrow and Ruth Lee are not the only successful American adoption story; though they may be one of the most memorable.

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