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Teen Moms Statistics USA: Unintended Teen Moms Study Released

Unintended teen moms such as Bristol Palin and those on MTV's Teen Mom show have made national headlines recently.

However, while the cultural landscape discussed them, there was a lot of empirical data missing. Now, thankfully, to resolve the teen mom mystery, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in Atlanta has put forward a new study, reports 11 Alive Atlanta.

The study is significant because while other studies have asked teens about their contraception and belief about pregnancy, this one focuses on teens that didn’t intend to get pregnant, but did.

The teen mom statistics USA are shocking. One of the things that the study establishes is that approximately 400,000 teens aged 15-19 years give birth every year in the United States, and the teen birth rate remains the highest in the developed world.

In addition to the medical, social, and financial stress that teen mothers face there are legal issues that unintended teen moms face as well.

One of the first thing Texas teen mothers may want to do is to establish paternity. This will allow them to potentially have a partner in the raising of the child. At the least, they may be able to receive child support from the father. Or, if the teen mom is ambitious, she might be able to call upon the father to help provide child care and support while she pursues a career.

In paternity situations, a teen mom will have to be particularly aware of the fact that a paternity challenge may occur.

Teen parents, especially single moms, are often particularly reliant on their own parents for help. And what rights grandparents may exert concerning a baby is something an attorney is best qualified to help with.

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