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March 2012 Archives

Janelle Denise Goforth Held In Alleged Rape of 15-year-old Boy

A woman from DeKalb County, Janelle Denise Goforth, has been arrested in connection with statutory rape and child molestation of a 15-year-old boy, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And there may be the possibility that she may have had the boy's child.

Janelle Denise Goforth, is 33-years-old. It was the boy's guardian, Tia Stephens, who allegedly caught Goforth with the boy. She became the boy's guardian after his mother died when he was just 8-years-old.

Later it was discovered that Goforth was pregnant and Tia Stephens became concerned because the boy was being pointed as the possible father. Now Tia Stephens wants a paternity test to determine the truth.

Dennis Rodman's Spousal Support and Child Support Problems

NBA Hall of Famer, Dennis Rodman, recently made the news for his emotional Hall of Fame acceptance speech. But now he has more reason to be emotional (not in a good way), thanks to the spousal support and child support that he owes, reports Chicago Tribune.

And according to his ex-wife, it's a whole lot.

Dunwoody Day Care Shooting Sneiderman Grandparent Visitation

The Hemy Neuman Dunwoody Day Care shooting, which has been covered extensively on FindLaw's Atlanta Family News Blog because it seemed to extend to so many different family law issues, from affairs to divorces, now offers one more such topic: Georgia grandparent visitation.

The parents of the dead victim, Rusty Sneiderman, are not quite happy with the way their daughter-in-law, Andrea Sneiderman, has limited their ability to see their grandchildren, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Andrea Sneiderman was the woman who had the affair with Hemy Neuman which eventually led to Rusty Sneiderman's murder, for which Hemy Neuman will now be in prison for life.

Former Eagles Player Freddy Mitchell Arrested Over Child Support

Former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Freddie Mitchell, finds himself in jail over multiple issues, including an arrest for failing to pay back child support, reports The Philadelphia Daily News.

Freddie Mitchell, known for converting the famous 4th and 26 play, was one of the more flamboyant characters in Eagles history, one time thanking his hands in a post-game interview. He was also known as FredEx.

His child support case is from Indiana, but he's in jail in Florida where the warrant was enforced.

What Is The Largest Refundable Tax Credit? Adoption

Over the past year or so this blog has written about a number of adoption stories. We have noted so many of the wonderful benefits that come from adoptions. Now, here is one more.

As the tax filing deadline arrives, it might be worth noting that if you adopted a child in 2011, you may be eligible for a pretty hefty credit from Uncle Sam, reports the IRS website.

Dunwoody Day Care Shooting Trial Verdict: Neuman Guilty, Gets Life

The saga of the Hemy Neuman murder trial is over. Neuman been found guilty and given life without parole in the Dunwoody Day Care Shooting which killed rusty Sneiderman, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

In handing down the Hemy Neuman guilty verdict, Judge Gregory Adams of the DeKalb Superior Court called the murder a "planned execution."

Jennie Garth Divorcing After Eleven Years

Actress Jennie Garth's divorce from Peter Facinelli will signal the end of one of the longer-ish younger marriages in Hollywood, reports Huffington Post. They had been together eleven years, which is pretty good for how young they were.

Garth is best known for the long appearances on Beverly Hills 90210 and Peter Facinelli is an actor from Twilight. They married in January 2001 and have three children, Luca Bella, Lola Ray, and Fiona Eve.

Unmarried Couples In Georgia and USA Increasing

The founders and producers of the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville are an unmarried couple and they want others to know that it is not necessary to be married to be happy, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ann-Carol Pence and Anthony P. Rodriguez of the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville share many things, but they don't share a marriage license. In fact, they are part of a more recent American growing trend: the number of 30- to 44-year olds that are living together without marriage.

Roddy White Paternity Ends With Him Acknowleding Child

Late last year FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law Blog discussed the news that Falcons star wide receiver, Roddy White, may be going through a paternity issue and might be having to take a test.

Well, it turns out that Roddy White ended up acknowledging the child with Atlantan Stacy Hott, reports TMZ.

Falcons Michael Turner Paternity Fight Leads To Real Fight

A Georgia woman, Rasheeda Walker, who reportedly showed up at the home of Falcons running back in Atlanta, is claiming she is the mother of two children fathered by him, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

This news was evidently not well received by Michael Turner's current girlfriend, Elizabeth Delacruz.

What complicates matter more is that Rasheeda Walker may also be pregnant with Michael Turner's third child.

Tucker Middle School's Mr. Thomas Has Sex With Student In School?

Almarcus Dewayne Thomas, a middle school teacher at Tucker Middle School has been accused of having sex with a student in a classroom, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In a separate incident, he may have also filmed a video under the skirt of another student. (Facepalm).

Police have not released a lot of details about Almarcus Dewayne Thomas's activities at Tucker Middle School, except that they involved a 15-year-old girl starting last March. They allegedly had sex in the classroom and at her home.

Amber Rose Engagement to Wiz Khalifa

The hip hop video model and socialite, Amber Rose, just got engaged to long time boyfriend, Wiz Khalifa, reports E!Online.

Wiz Khalifa, who is known for his song "Black and Yellow" and Amber Rose, who was previously linked to Kanye West, shared the news of their engagement via Twitter, or rather, via an image of the big ring. A few minutes later, Rose tweeted, "He has made me the Happiest Woman in the World!!!!"