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Unmarried Couples In Georgia and USA Increasing

The founders and producers of the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville are an unmarried couple and they want others to know that it is not necessary to be married to be happy, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Ann-Carol Pence and Anthony P. Rodriguez of the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville share many things, but they don't share a marriage license. In fact, they are part of a more recent American growing trend: the number of 30- to 44-year olds that are living together without marriage.

Unmarried couples who are living together can create a number of legal documents that can help protect their rights as a couple, while at the same time safeguarding their individual interests.

These documents should include an overall cohabitation agreement, wills, and power of attorney agreements.

In fact, the researchers at FindLaw have even put together a sample cohabitation agreement. Though your own form may look different depending due the factors of your own personal life, it often helps to look at an existent form to get an idea of what you might need to cover. Any lawyer you may retain would also be able to show you other precedential forms.

Some items that you would definitely want to discuss include property accumulated during the unmarried relationship; property acquired by gift or inheritance during that time; property from before the relationship; how much your current expenses are; what you should do if you separate or one party dies; and how you want to go about resolving your various disputes (like maybe with a mediator?).

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