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Bill and Giuliana Rancic Surrogacy Plans Revealed

It must be big if Kim Kardashian is using a bunch of exclamation marks for it. Tweeting at her friends Bill and Giuliana Rancic she writes:

I am so happy for you guys @GiulianaRancic and @BillRancic !!!!! No one deserves this more than you! I can't wait to meet your baby soon! xo

The baby that Kim Kardashian is referring to is the one that will be born to a surrogate mother later this summer, reports The Boston Globe.

Dennis Rodman Arrest for Child Support Looming?

The former NBA star and hall of fame basketball player, Dennis Rodman, has been facing spousal support and child support problems, as previously noted on FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog. In all, he apparently owes somewhere in the amount of $800,000 total.

But if that was not bad enough, Dennis Rodman was facing arrest in Florida for not paying child support, reports TMZ. Florida is one of those states that potentially jails deadbeat parents. However, according to an updated report, the warrant has been revoked and he is no longer in danger of jail time in that state.

Deion Sanders Divorce Now Featuring Tweeted Police Reports

Deion Sanders' divorce from Pilar Biggers-Sanders has been going on, much like Deion's career, under the spotlight and with lots of crazy things coming out of nowhere, as previously reported on FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog. There has been a lot of public fighting and not to mention the acrimonious version of high-stepping and pointing.

And the existence of a public forum like Twitter has only allowed the drama of Deion Sanders' divorce to get even more out of hand.

Study: Women Choose Wealth When Men are Scarce

Mo men, more moola?

When there are fewer bachelors around women gravitate towards lucrative careers at a higher pace, reports The Houston Chronicle, summarizing a study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Minnesota.

How Do You Pay Your Family Law Attorney?

Those that are involved in the family law world, whether it is for a prenuptial agreement, a divorce, child support or child custody, or some other type of case, know full well that it is almost always best to get an attorney to handle the case.

But, obviously, getting and keeping an attorney is a financial question as well and so you want to be informed about legal fees to the best of your extent. Thankfully the researchers at FindLaw have done some legwork on the types of legal fees out there so you can potentially negotiate with an attorney.

These days, most family law attorneys work off of a retainer fee.

Sneiderman Grandparent Visitation Battle Gets More Intense

The collective imagination is strange and switches fast. While the infamous Dunwoody Day Care murder trial was going on, in which Hemy Neuman was accused of killing the husband of his mistress Andrea Sneiderman, most of the focus was on the criminal law side of things. People wanted to know whether the murder of Rusty Sneiderman would lead to a conviction; and it did. Along the way numerous unsavory facts about all the parties, including Andrea Sneiderman, came to light.

This is where criminal law became family law. Once word of Andrea Sneiderman's behavior in the entire affair was exposed, her in-laws -- the parents of Rusty -- started being blunt about wanting to have a relationship with their grandchildren. And suddenly the focus was on grandparent visitation, as reported by FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog.

Ruben Studdard's 'Ironclad' Prenup Setting Example for Celebs?

Former American Idol winner, Ruben Studdard, is an example in family law. His ironclad prenuptial agreement that made his divorce easy and clean, reports TMZ. If this is true, then his attorney will be getting a lot more calls going forward.

The “ironclad prenutial agreement” is a bit of a Lochness monster. Many claim to have seen it but in reality it is ephemeral. It was the even subject of a popular George Clooney film called Intolerable Cruelty.

In the divorce, Ruben Studdard’s ex, Surata Zuri, tried to get the prenup nullified, saying that she didn’t have enough time before the marriage to look it over.

Georgia Parental Accountability Court Helping Dads, Moms

Fathers and non-custodial parents that cannot make their child support payments can end up in jail. Most people know that. But most people also know that when non-custodial parents are in jail they can’t see the children or make any headway into the child support arrears. It seems self-defeating.

Now an innovative court called the Parental Accountability Court in Hall County is changing that catch-22 and it seems to be working, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Sex Abuse in Georgia Leads to Firings

As the Georgia's child abuse laws reveal, one of the important ways in which Georgia law tries to limit or prevent child sex abuse and other kinds of abuse is by stipulating a mandatory reporting in Georgia requirement.

As such, physicians, hospital personnel, dentists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, counselors, school teachers/officials, child welfare agency and child service organization personnel, law enforcement personnel, podiatrists, all have a legal duty to report child abuse to the authorities.

They have 24-hours to report the abuse.

Rapper Juvenile's Paternity Becomes Complicated

The famous “dirty South” rapper Juvenile, real name Terius Gray, is putting the paternity of his son in doubt after falling behind on child support for about $160,000 and getting arrested, reports the Houston Chronicle.

Juvenile, is arguing that he was fraudulently induced into making child support payments, even though he never signed the child’s birth certificate, and because he recently learned that the mother was having sexual relations with another man.

Bubba Watson Adoption: Good Backstory to The Masters

The 2012 The Master’s golf champion is Bubba Watson. And while most analysts and sports writers and even casual fans will be focusing on his pink driver, or the fact that his wife is 6’4, or that he has never taken a lesson in his whole life, there are some aspects of his life that will be of interest to those in family law.

Specifically, Bubba Watson and his wife have, until recently, been going through the adoption process and now have a child named Caleb, reports Yahoo!.

Lisa Wu's Real Name and How To Change Your Name in Georgia

Not everything in Georgia can (or should) be linked back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) in some way. But sometimes the connection is just way too easy.

For example, as previously reported on FindLaw’s Atlanta Family Law News Blog, we learned that RHOA star Lisa Wu was getting a divorce from her retired NFL husband Ed Hartwell. And back then, the news provided an opportunity to learn about child custody in Georgia.

California Loses Child Support Records: 800,000

Privacy is a big thing for everyone. But it gets even more significant when there are children, their names and social security data involved. As such, news of the State of California losing 800,000 child support records is attracting a good deal of attention, reports Storage and Destruction Business.

The loss happened during transit. The information was on four different storage devices. And what's scary is that data was not even encrypted.

Madoff Ponzi Scheme Claims Another Victim: A Divorced Lawyer

The now infamous Madoff Ponzi scheme, which seemed to suck in everyone from Hollywood to the New York Mets, now claimed another victim, in the form of Manhattan lawyer, Steven Simkin, reports The Associated Press. And to make matters worse, his ex-wife got to avoid Madoff’s impact.

When Steven Simkin divorced his wife, Laura Blank, he paid her $6.25 million as a settlement. But settlement figure was based on him possessing $5.4 million in a fund. Unfortunately, that fund, it turns out, had no money in it (because it was with Madoff). So Steven Simkin said that he should get back $2.7 million back from the millions he had given.

And he went to court over it.

Could there be a war of relationship-status capitalism going on? This time pitting the long-standing wedding industry against the long-stigmatized divorce industry?

It might still be Goliath versus David (wedding being the Goliath), but divorced people are not going to take it any more, and have launched the Start Over Smart expo in New York City, reports The Associated Press.