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Sneiderman Grandparent Visitation Battle Gets More Intense

The collective imagination is strange and switches fast. While the infamous Dunwoody Day Care murder trial was going on, in which Hemy Neuman was accused of killing the husband of his mistress Andrea Sneiderman, most of the focus was on the criminal law side of things. People wanted to know whether the murder of Rusty Sneiderman would lead to a conviction; and it did. Along the way numerous unsavory facts about all the parties, including Andrea Sneiderman, came to light.

This is where criminal law became family law. Once word of Andrea Sneiderman's behavior in the entire affair was exposed, her in-laws -- the parents of Rusty -- started being blunt about wanting to have a relationship with their grandchildren. And suddenly the focus was on grandparent visitation, as reported by FindLaw's Atlanta Family Law News Blog.

And like some custody battles, which can’t help but get out of control, this one is also spiraling into contentions territory. It turns out that Andrea Sneiderman doesn’t exactly think that visitation with the grandparents would be in the best interests of the children, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She resentful about some of the comments and insinuations they have made about her as a person.

The best interests of the child standard, applied by most courts in custody disputes, has a tendency to get confusing. After all, won’t all sides try to argue that they represent a child’s best interests? Stability goes a big way in defining best interests; so does the mental and physical well-being of the parent and other interest parties; and, of course, there is the issue of the wishes of the children too, assuming they are of an age to make their wishes known.

Where the children are very young, however, as is the case in the Sneiderman custody dispute, and are coming off a murder trial in which their father was killed, a court has to be extremely careful about how it defines best interests of the children.

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