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Study: Women Choose Wealth When Men are Scarce

Mo men, more moola?

When there are fewer bachelors around women gravitate towards lucrative careers at a higher pace, reports The Houston Chronicle, summarizing a study conducted by the University of Texas at San Antonio and the University of Minnesota.

That women get wealthier when men aren't around does not speak highly for men. But all kidding aside (who is kidding?), the study mentioned above was done in conjunction with another study which found that as women studied more, the pool of eligible men became smaller.

Obviously there are a number of conclusions to be drawn here in terms of social and anthropological perspectives (and maybe even the beginnings of a Rom-Com).

But there is a tertiary issue worth considering as well. The issue is that when older women with lucrative careers finally do marry, they will be in a position where house, car, assets will all mean more to them. And that, in turn, will mean that these women will have a greater need of a pre-nuptial agreement (and also greater life experience to know that they should be cautious in marriage). This is especially true for a town like Atlanta, which already has a great deal of well-to-do women.

Whether these women will actually use a Georgia prenuptial agreement, however, remains to be seen. Perhaps in a few years there will be a study that evaluates the statistics of prenuptial entered into by successful career-oriented women.

If you are one of these women with a lucrative career and are now considering marriage, you should speak to a local attorney about how to protect yourself -- if not your heart, at least your assets.

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