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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman has been held in contempt of court for failing to pay his substantial child support bill, TMZ reports.

Rodman reportedly owes $808,935 in unpaid child support for his 9- and 10-year-old children. In addition, he owes $51,441 in unpaid spousal support. According to the hall of famer, he doesn’t have the cash to pay it.

On Tuesday, a 4-year-old child accidentally shot himself with a firearm in DeKalb County, Fox News reports.

The toddler somehow obtained a gun and shot himself, causing a grazing wound on the boy's face. The child's mother and her roommate were reportedly home during the incident. DeKalb stated that they do not expect any charges to be filed, but should the boy's mother or her roommate be charged with child endangerment?

While allowing your kid to get a tattoo may not be in the best taste, did you know it’s also illegal? A Gwinnett man turned himself in last week to Lawrenceville police after a Buford mother reported that the man had tattooed the word “Faith” on her 15-year-old daughter, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Aaron Joshua Woody denies the allegations, claiming that the girl only blamed him to get back at him for refusing to tattoo her. Most people aren’t aware that in Georgia it’s illegal for anyone to tattoo a minor, even with parental consent. In addition, parents who ignore the law are often charged with child cruelty.

Usher's child custody battle with his ex-wife Tameka Foster continues to reach reality TV levels of melodrama.

On Wednesday, Foster's lawyer accused Usher of sleeping with Maya Fox Davis, one of Foster's bridesmaids, TMZ reports. Usher's lawyer quickly objected to the line of questioning, but is the alleged infidelity relevant to the child custody case?

Two women plan to file suit against Fulton County, claiming that they were fired from their job as 911 operator trainees because of their pregnancies, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

After being terminated, Leeneeka Bell and Que’ana Morris filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. After investigating the incidents, the EEOC determined that the women were victims of pregnancy discrimination. Bell and Morris now plan to sue the county.

A Jonesboro family notified the police after their 11-year-old son reportedly received a serious spanking from a school administrator, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

A pastor at Hope Christian Academy reportedly paddled Desmond Omigie after the boy got into a fight with a fellow student. The complaint raises an important question: can a heavy spanking be considered child abuse?

Court Grants Pilar Sanders Child Support but not Alimony

Pilar Sanders is finally getting some good news. Lately, things have not going that well for her. After being arrested for allegedly barging into her ex-husband’s home, the court gave ex-husband Deion Sanders a restraining order against her.

But now, the same court is saying that Deion must pay Pilar child support, legal fees and mortgage payments.

Some Kids Don't Have Moms, Need to be Adopted

If you've been following our blog, you'll know how we discussed the latest in the "mommy wars" saga last week when we discussed the Time Magazine cover on attachment parenting.

This week, an interesting Huffington Post article on the mommy wars talks about the one most important issue in parenting -- the fact that some children don't have any parents at all.

So let's continue the discussion on adoption.

Deion Sanders Gets Restraining Order Against Pilar

More on Deion Sanders and his ugly divorce saga.

A court has ruled that Pilar Sanders, the soon to be ex-wife of Deion Sanders, is not allowed to come within five-hundred yards of the couple's home in Prosper, TX.

After their highly publicized April 24 showdown at the couple's home and the subsequent tweeting thereof, both Pilar and Deion asked the court for a restraining order.

The court only granted Deion's request.

The Time Magazine Breastfeeding Cover: 3 Family Law Questions to Ask

Time Magazine will be hitting the stands with its latest issue in the coming weeks and its new cover is causing a stir, just in time for Mother's Day.

The cover features a woman breastfeeding a pre-school age child. The controversial cover is prompting emotions on both sides of the breastfeeding issue. While some women feel that breastfeeding is extremely important, others feel that breastfeeding an older child may constitute child abuse.

5 Ways to Become a Mother

So, you want to be a mom? Mother's Day is this Sunday so let's talk about five ways you can be a mom. And of course, we'll be discussing the legal side of things, as always.

Here's our top five list. Or, rather, the five most obvious ways to become a mother.

Financial Affidavits: 3 Things to Know if You're Going Through a Divorce

What is a financial affidavit and what do you need to know about them if you're going through a divorce?

If you haven't already fallen asleep at the word "financial affidavit," we'll try to make the process bearable here. Forbes recently talked about the financial affidavit in terms of what women need to know about these documents. We'll break down some of those concepts and make them as painless as we can.

Levi Johnston Expecting Second Child, Still Owes Child Support on First One

Will history repeat itself with Levi Johnston? Levi is expecting his second child later this year with his girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby.

Johnston’s claim to fame is that he was once the fiance of Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin. Levi and Bristol have a son together, Tripp.

Organ Donation: How a Family Lawyer Can Help

Organ donation is a buzz word these days, with Facebook's announcement on Tuesday morning. Facebook CEO and founder, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that Facebook would be adding a tool to allow its members to indicate their organ donation wishes.

Now, people are getting curious about organ donation and are starting to ask what it takes to become an organ donor. If you're not a Facebook user, or want to take a more legally significant action, what are some other ways you can specify your wishes to donate your organs upon your impending death?

Pilar Sanders Arrested for Domestic Violence

The Sanders divorce saga has taken yet another odd and public turn after last week's tweeting fiasco.

Pilar Sanders, the estranged wife of Deion Sanders was arrested last week after the Hall of Famer accused her of domestic violence, reports The Atlanta Journal Constitution. She was booked into the Collin County jail last week in Texas, on charges of misdemeanor violence.