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Court Grants Pilar Sanders Child Support but not Alimony

Pilar Sanders is finally getting some good news. Lately, things have not going that well for her. After being arrested for allegedly barging into her ex-husband’s home, the court gave ex-husband Deion Sanders a restraining order against her.

But now, the same court is saying that Deion must pay Pilar child support, legal fees and mortgage payments.

While their divorce is taking place in Texas, Deion Sanders is well known in Atlanta. The Hall of Famer played for the Atlanta Falcons.

During a divorce hearing on May 15, the court awarded Pilar Sanders $3,500 a month towards her mortgage on her new house. On top of mortgage payments, Deion will have to pay Pilar a total of $10,550 a month in child support.

And, the icing on the cake for Pilar Sanders is the $275,000 in attorneys fees that Deion will have to pay. The award is a slight blow to Pilar, who was originally seeking $288,000 per year. She has also been required to return various items to Deion, including tables, samurai statutes, dishes, silverware, appliances and other furniture.

There's still no word on permanent child custody. Those hearings are scheduled for later in the month. The couple will be sharing custody of their three children for the summer.

Pilar Sanders also sought $14,000 a month in spousal support but the court turned down her request for alimony. The couple's divorce has been public, with allegations of spousal abuse on both sides.

With the custody battle looming, it might be advisable for both parties to keep a low profile. Pilar Sanders certainly compromised her position when she allegedly burst into her ex-husband's house and acted violently. Similarly, Deion showed a lack of restraint when he went on Twitter and plastered comments about the couple's divorce all over the Twittersphere.

Because the court will rule in the best interests of the child, the couple's recent public spats will be cause for concern in the custody hearings.

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