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Levi Johnston Expecting Second Child, Still Owes Child Support on First One

Will history repeat itself with Levi Johnston? Levi is expecting his second child later this year with his girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby.

Johnston’s claim to fame is that he was once the fiance of Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol Palin. Levi and Bristol have a son together, Tripp.

But Levi's parenting skills have been reported to be less than par. His ex-fiancee accused him of being a deadbeat dad, owing tens of thousands of dollars in child support.

According to NY Daily News, Bristol Palin alleges that Levi owes her $39,000 in child support. He is reportedly required to pay $1,750 a month in child support payments for the maintenance and support of his three-year old son. He hasn't made a payment in 22 months.

In the past, Bristol has sought child support from Levi, particularly after his notorious Playgirl shoot and pistachio commercials, where he began netting a larger income.

But the presence of a second child could have an effect on the monthly payments that Levi will owe Bristol for the maintenance of his first child. In addition to income, the court might take into account other expenses and changes in financial circumstances of the father.

While this doesn't necessarily alleviate Levi's duty to pay Bristol for his arrears in his child support, it might help him lower his payments owed to Bristol going forward.

As for now, Levi and his new baby-mama are making their rounds in the media.

He recently appeared on "Inside Edition" to announce he plans to name his new daughter Breeze Beretta, after the Italian handgun. Nice.

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