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Baby Mama Drama: Wyclef Jean Says Lauryn Hill Lied to Him

In his new book "Purpose," Wyclef Jean claims he and Lauryn Hill were pretty close during their time in the Fugees -- so close that the former bandmates could've had a love child.

Jean accuses Hill of duping him into believing that he was the father of her baby, TMZ reports. Jean turned out not to be the father, but he still held a grudge up until recently, Jean says in the book.

Wyclef Jean and Lauryn Hill played together in the Fugees up until the group's demise. According to Jean, he and Hill started mixing business and pleasure.

"I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she had led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn't forgive that," Jean wrote in his book.

If a man and woman are married while the woman is pregnant, the man's paternity is generally presumed. However, if the father and mother aren't married, they usually have to do some paperwork to legally establish the father's paternity.

If the mother agrees that the man is her child's father, the two can sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity and file it with the state. Once filed, the child's birth certificate will be amended to include the father's name.

Before establishing their rights as fathers, many men want to make sure that they actually are the child's biological father. Paternity tests are usually based on a blood or DNA sample and are generally 90 to 99 percent accurate. Importantly, the tests are accurate enough to exclude individuals who aren't the biological father.

Sometimes, a father may be willing to pay for child support, but simply wants the security that comes with a judicial determination. A judicial determination will ensure that the father has parental rights, such as access to the child.

Hill and her real baby daddy, Rohan Marley, say Jean's claim is a money-making ploy. Marley told TMZ that Jean "knew from the jump" that the baby was Marley's.

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