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Deion Sanders Says He's Paying Too Much Child Support

Deion Sanders thinks he's paying too much child support. He's filed documents with the Texas Supreme Court to challenge the child support order established back in May, according to TMZ.

Prime Time says $10,000 a month is way too much. His estranged wife, Pilar, disagrees, claiming the ex-NFL/MLB star is worth a whopping $250 million.

According to Deion, his current child support is six times more than what Texas law requires. Pilar says the support structure shouldn't be changed, pointing to Deion's huge net worth. She also included a list of her kids' expenses, outlining the need for $10,000 a month.

According to the filing, Pilar spends $900 a month to cover uniforms and shoes for the kids' athletic activities, $500 a month on the kids' cell phones, and $2,000 a month for a special diet for the kids. She also says that she pays $450 a month on haircuts for her sons and treatments for her daughter's "very thick curly hair."

Would Pilar be entitled to similar child support payments in Georgia? In order to get a better idea of how child support is determined in Georgia, you can take a look at the state's child support calculator.

Georgia's current child support formula involves a nine-step process. When determining child support, courts often take into account other factors, including the financial resources of the custodial parent, the financial needs of the child, and the standard of living the child would've enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved.

Non-custodial parents are often ordered to pay child support equal to about 20% of their income. Based on his current $10,000 monthly child support order, Deion is likely making about $50,000 a month. That seems entirely plausible, considering Deion works as an analyst for NFL Networks.

"Once again, Mr. Sanders has not followed the Court's direct orders and has attempted to make up his own rules," Pilar's lawyer told TMZ. "It is clear that he still thinks he is 'above the law.'" The court hasn't yet ruled on Deion's request.

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