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Carlton Dances Down the Aisle for the Second Time

Carlton is all grown up. Actor Alonso Ribeiro, best known for his role as Will Smith's uptight cousin on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," has tied the knot, Time reports.

On Saturday, Ribeiro married fiancee Angela Unkrich in California. It was Ribeiro's second time down the aisle.

Ribeiro reportedly proposed to Unkrich in July. The couple were married in Los Angeles on Saturday with former MLB star David Justice and N'Sync member Joey Fatone serving as groomsmen. Weird. Hopefully Ribeiro busted out the "Carlton dance" at the reception.

Ribeiro was previously married to Robin Stapler. The former couple filed for divorce back in 2006 and shares joint custody of their daughter Sienna Ribeiro.

Since Ribeiro has already been through one divorce and probably brings in decent cash as a B-lister, he may have asked Unkrich sign a prenup before the marriage. Georgia, unlike California, is not a community property state, but practices equitable distribution in cases of divorce. While Unkrich probably wouldn't get half of the marital property, like she would in a community property state, she would probably be awarded a sizeable chunk of Ribiero's earnings if the couple divorced in Georgia.

A prenuptial agreement could help Ribeiro protect his assets if the couple's marriage eventually falls apart. Prenuptial agreements can also be used to protect one spouse from the debts of the other, clarify the financial responsibilities and rights of each spouse, and avoid costly long, costly legal disputes in case of divorce.

Ribeiro has been pretty busy since his time on Fresh Prince. He's acted in television shows "Are We There Yet?" and "Things We Do for Love" and in 2006, he won Fox's "Celebrity Duets" singing contest. Earlier this year, Ribeiro got to show off his dancing skills when he helped organize an L.A. flash mob performing Carlton's trademark dance.

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