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Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman Separate After 30 Years of Marriage

After 30 years of marriage, it looks like Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are calling it quits.

DeVito's publicist has announced that the couple is separating, Newsday reports. DeVito and Perlman married back in 1982 and have three adult children together.

The couple met in 1970 when Perlman went to see a friend perform in the Broadway play "The Shrinking Bride." DeVito, who was playing a demented stable hand in the play, apparently caught Perlman's eye. She moved in with DeVito two weeks later at the apartment he shared with Michael Douglas.

The couple has worked together on a number of projects. They both appeared in the classic sitcoms "Taxi" and "Cheers," and in the 1996 film "Matilda." DeVito and Perlman also co-founded the production company Jersey Films, which counts "Pulp Fiction," "Erin Brockovich," and "Out of Sight" among its credits.

Since their children are all adults, child support won't be an issue should the couple decide to divorce. However, spousal support and property division could be at issue if the couple doesn't have a prenuptial agreement. Celebrities often use prenups to safeguard their fortunes in case of divorce.

DeVito was already well-known when the couple married in 1982, so a prenup wouldn't be out of the question. If there is a prenuptial agreement, the assets will be divided and the spousal support paid out in accordance with it. If there isn't a prenup and the couple eventually divorces in California, the marital property will be split 50/50.

That's because California is a community property state. Georgia, on the other hand, isn't a community property state. Instead, courts practice "equitable division" in divorce cases. In dividing marital property, judges will consider the amount each spouse contributed to the assets, how much each spouse will earn after the divorce, how long the marriage lasted, and any accusations of infidelity or abuse.

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