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DNA Test: Michael Lohan Fathered Illegitimate Lovechild

Lindsay Lohan may have just gained a half-sister.

According to a DNA test, Lindsay's dad Michael Lohan fathered an illegitimate love child back in 1995 while married to Dina Lohan, TMZ reports. While a guest on "The Trisha Goddard Show," Michael came face to face with his newfound daughter, Ashley Horn, for the first time.

Awkwardness ensued.

The girl's mother Kristi Horn has claimed that Michael was Ashley's father for years. She's also filed court docs in the past, trying to get Michael to cough up child support for the girl, but Lohan always denied that he was the father.

That all changed on Thursday when a DNA test indicated that Lohan is the 17-year-old girl's father. Kristi burst into to tears when the results were read. Michael tried to hug his newfound daughter, but Ashley resisted, saying "No! No! No!" while Michael said, "I just want to hug you."

If a man and woman are married while the woman is pregnant, the man's paternity is generally presumed. However, if the father and mother aren't married, they usually have to do some paperwork to establish the father's paternity.

If the mother agrees that the man is her child's father, the two can sign a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity and file it with the state. Once filed, the child's birth certificate will be amended to include the father's name.

Before establishing their rights as a father, many men, including Lohan, want to ensure that they actually are the child's biological father. Paternity tests are usually based on a blood or DNA sample and are generally 90 to 99 percent accurate. Overall, the tests are accurate enough to exclude individuals who aren't the biological father.

Now that Lohan's paternity has been established, he could be on the hook for child support. Then again, he might not be. Ashley says she doesn't want anything to do with the "Lohan train wreck."

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