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Kid Cudi Settles Bitter Child Custody Battle With Ex

Kid Cudi's "pursuit of happiness" seems to be getting in the way of his family life.

The rapper has been involved in a child custody battle for more than a year. Cudi's baby mama claimed the rapper shouldn't have custody of their daughter because of his history of drug and alcohol abuse.

Cudi recently settled the matter, granting his ex full custody of the girl, TMZ reports.

According to court documents, Cudi said he bought a place in Chicago just to be close to his daughter and her mom. He also claimed that he provided his ex with generous child support.

However, Cudi's ex had a different story to tell. She argued that Cudi provided only "sporadic and inconsistent amounts" of child support and was rarely there for their daughter. Worst of all, the girl's mother accuses Cudi of having violent tendencies and a "long history of consistent drug and alcohol abuse."

Obtaining full custody isn't as easy as you may think. That's because courts are much more inclined to grant parents joint custody.

The No. 1 consideration when determining custody arrangements is the best interests of the child. Courts often look at the parent's home environment, any history of abuse, and the mental and physical health of the parents when determining who should be granted custody.

In general, courts will only grant a parent sole custody if it can be shown that the other parent is somehow "unfit." For example, a parent who is an alcoholic or who abuses the child will likely be deemed unfit.

The evidence of violent tendencies and substance abuse were probably enough to convince Cudi to give up his custody fight. Under the settlement, Cudi's ex will get sole legal and physical custody of the child. Cudi, on the other hand, will have visitation rights. He'll also have to pay child support.

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