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Steelers Star Antonio Brown Ordered to Pay Child Support

Yet another NFL player is in hot water over a child support debt.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has been ordered to cough up eight-months worth of child support, TMZ reports. Now that Brown has signed a $42-million contract with the Steelers, he shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with his support obligations.

Parents, like Brailsford, who are dealing with what they believe is a deadbeat ex-spouse or significant other aren't without recourse. Under the Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984, district attorneys have the power to help parents or guardians collect child support from parents who've fallen behind on their payments.

Courts have several means at their disposal to collect back child support. They can seize the parent's property, garnish the parent's wages, or even take the parent's tax refund.

Fortunately for Brailsford, it probably won't get to that point. Brown's lawyer says that the NFL star will pay up this week.

Brown is lucky he's not facing criminal charges as well. Brailsford claimed back in January that Brown took their child to live with him in Pittsburgh without her permission, TMZ reports. She also said Brown was preventing her from making contact with the child.

If the allegations are true, Brown is arguably guilty of custodial interference. Under Georgia law, for example, a person commits custodial interference by keeping a child from the lawful custody of another person or institution.

It's a felony and punishable by one to three years in prison. Brown and Brailsford still haven't reached a permanent solution for custody, according to TMZ.

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