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Warren Sapp Wants His Child Support Reduced

Not even bankruptcy can save you from your child support obligations. Warren Sapp knows all about that.

The former NFL star exited bankruptcy earlier in the year, but is still struggling to keep up with his child support payments. Sapp has requested that his child support be decreased, but a clause he added to the child support agreement back in 2001 could prevent that from happening, TMZ reports.

Sapp currently owes his baby mama Angela Sanders $2,500 per month in support. That may not seem like much for a former NFL player, but Sapp insists he can't keep up and wants the payments decreased. In general, a parent can have his child support modified if he can show that his financial circumstances have changed and paying the current amount is no longer possible.

The problem is that back in 2001 Sapp and Sanders added a clause to their child support agreement that prevented either party from seeking modification of the child support obligations based on changes in income. The clause was presumably intended to protect Sapp's fortune. So, in a sense, Sapp has been hoisted with his own petard.

Understandably, Sanders wants to hold Sapp to their prior agreement. She says that a modification would be unfair, since she agreed to stick with the $2,500-a-month support when Sapp was earning millions.

If Sapp doesn't cough up the child support, Sanders won't be without recourse. Courts have several means at their disposal to collect back child support, including seizing the parent's property, ganishing the parent's wages, and taking the parent's tax refund.

Sapp is currently seeking to modify child support payments for his other four baby mamas, according to TMZ. No word on whether Sapp had them include "no-modification" clauses in their agreements as well.

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