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Katt Williams Arrested on Suspicion of Child Endangerment

Katt Williams has had a wild month. First, he was accused of assaulting a bar manager with a pool cue. Then, he allegedly slapped a Target employee in the face. Just a few days later, the comedian reportedly whipped an audience member with a microphone at one of his shows.

Now Williams is facing charges, not for his public antics, but for private ones. The comedian was arrested Friday after LAPD officers reportedly found numerous guns and illegal drugs at his Woodland Hills home, TMZ reports.

The worst part may be that Williams' four children were living in the home with him.

The Los Angeles Department of Children and Family Services reportedly found that Williams had a number of guns and illegal drugs in the home he shared with his kids. The Department concluded that the weapons and drugs were safety hazards for the kids and notified the LAPD.

Authorities have placed Williams' kids in protective custody. The comedian could now face felony child endangerment charges.

Had the arrest happened in Atlanta, Williams would probably be facing similar charges. Georgia was the last state in the country to enact a child endangerment law, punishing adults whose reckless behavior causes harm or endangers the safety of children, according to the Associated Press.

The law, which was enacted in 2004, encompasses a wide range of reckless behavior, including exposing children to dangerous drugs and weapons, and creates a separate felony for parents who expose their children to the manufacture of meth.

Under Georgia's endangerment law, any person who puts another person in harm's way by knowingly ignoring the risks caused by his behavior is guilty of endangerment. The defendant's behavior must be a far cry from how a reasonable person would act in the situation. A reasonable person arguably wouldn't leave dangerous drugs and firearms where they could be reached by children.

As of Friday, Katt Williams was in custody being held on $100,000 bail.

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