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Sarah Palin's Son Track Palin Files for Divorce

After only a year of married life, Sarah Palin's son Track and his wife Britta are calling it quits.

The couple jointly filed for divorce in an Alaskan court, TMZ reports. No word yet on how Track and Britta will split custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Kyla.

Under Alaskan law, a joint divorce filing means that the couple has fully settled any property and custody issues, including child support. Georgia has a different way of sorting out custody and support issues.

Under Georgia law, whenever child custody is at issue in a divorce case, the parents must create a parenting plan to address how the soon-to-be ex-spouses intend to raise their children post-divorce. The plan must grant one or both of the parents the authority to make decisions regarding the children's health, extracurricular activities, and religious upbringing.

If Track and Britta are sharing legal custody of Kyla, they'll both have the decision-making power. If they've agreed to joint physical custody as well, Kyla will split her time living with her mom and dad.

Before they get a final divorce decree, Track and Britta will have to watch a 48-minute video or complete an online class about the impact of a failed marriage on their child. Had the couple divorced in Atlanta, they'd have to comply with similar requirements.

That's because Fulton County requires all couples going through a divorce to attend a 4-hour seminar called "Families in Transition." Soon-to-be ex-spouses must attend the seminar within 30 days of the service of a Court Order. The seminar costs $30 per person.

Track is an Army reservist who served in Iraq, according to TMZ. He's now working as a commercial fisherman, but plans to go back to college.

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