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Why Doesn't Steve Nash Want His Kids in California?

Lakers star Steve Nash made the move from Phoenix to Los Angeles earlier this year, but apparently he doesn't want his kids to follow him.

When Nash joined the Lakers, he reportedly said one of the benefits of the move was that he'd be closer to his three children.

Strangely, the point guard is now trying to prevent his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla from moving their kids from Phoenix to California, TMZ reports. Nash hasn't given his reasons, but it could be over child support.

Nash and Amarilla married in 2005 and have two daughters and a son together. By the time their son Matteo Joel was born in 2010, the couple had already separated. They divorced later that year.

From 2004 to 2012, Nash played for the Phoenix Suns. This season, he made the move to the Lakers.

Now Amarilla wants to make the move as well, so that Nash's children can be closer to their father. However, Nash isn't having it and has launched a legal war to keep the kids out of California. According to TMZ, Amarilla has hired famed divorce attorney Lance Spiegel to fight Nash in Arizona and California courts.

So why would Nash want to keep his kids at a distance? It may be over child support. Nash would have to shell out a whole lot more child support if the kids reside in California, TMZ reports.

Child support calculation is state specific, and can lead to drastically different outcomes. In Georgia, for instance, a nine-step process is used to calculate child support. When determining the amount of child support, courts often take into account other factors, including the financial resources of the custodial parent, the financial needs of the child, and the standard of living the child would've enjoyed had the marriage not been dissolved.

Non-custodial parents are often ordered to pay child support equal to about 20 percent of their income. To get a better idea of how child support is determined in Georgia, you can take a look at the state's child support calculator.

According to TMZ, there's a gag order in place, so we may never know the whole story behind Nash and Amarilla's custody battle.

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