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Airtight Prenup Saves Jeremy Shockey From Costly Divorce

After a whopping eight months of marriage, Jeremy Shockey and wife Daniela Cortazar-Shockey have had enough.

The 32-year-old NFL free agent filed divorce papers late last year in Miami, claiming his marriage was "irretrievably broken," according to TMZ. Unfortunately for Cortazar-Shockey, there's apparently an airtight prenup that could bar her from getting anything in the split.

Jeremy and Daniela got hitched back in May 2012. By October, however, the couple had already separated.

According to the divorce filing, Daniela signed an ironclad prenup that will block her from getting anything in the divorce. That means no spousal support and no property settlement.

While prenuptial agreements are often used by celebrities to safeguard their fortunes against divorce, prenups have far more uses. For instance, they could be used to protect one spouse from assuming the debts of the other, or to clarify financial responsibility during a marriage.

If done right, a well-drafted prenup can ensure that an ex-spouse leaves with far less than a default division of assets would provide. However, there are countless reasons why a prenuptial agreement can be deemed invalid and thrown out in court.

For example, many couples make their prenuptial agreements contingent on the spouses being faithful to one another. In those cases, cheating could be grounds for challenging the prenup.

Alternatively, Daniela may argue that she was unfairly pressured into signing the prenup before she got married. For instance, if she could show that Jeremy threatened to call off the marriage if she didn't sign the prenup, the agreement could be deemed invalid.

She may also claim that the terms of the agreement are so blatantly unfair as to cause her severe financial hardship. Merely getting nothing in the split isn't enough to constitute "severe financial hardship." Instead, she would have to show that the prenup will leave her saddled with debt or a similar burden.

Regardless of the outcome, Daniela probably won't be signing another prenup anytime soon.

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