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February 2013 Archives

Choosing Between Fault and No Fault Divorce in Georgia

Nothing about divorce is simple but if you live in Georgia, you have an extra decision to make. Should you choose a fault or a no fault divorce?

This isn't about where you put personal blame. The law doesn't really care if you tell everyone you ex is a walking nightmare, or if you politely say "things just didn't work out." In law,fault and no fault refer to legal concepts, not personal responsibility.

Like many other legal terms, if you want to use it then you have to prove it; in court that is. What you have to prove in divorce is specific to what you choose.

Changing Your Last Name After You Get Married: The How-To

Tell someone that you're engaged to be married and you will suddenly be the recipient of more wedding and marriage advice than you knew existed. But we'd be surprised if any of that advice includes how to go about changing your last name.

Maybe that's because the process is so simple that people assume you'll figure it out. But you know what they say about assuming, right?

Let's just say that it can go poorly for you. It's much better to know what you actually need to do to change your name after your wedding.

First Steps When You're Getting Divorced

Figuring out how to deal with divorce isn't an easy process. No one just wakes up one morning thinking "maybe today I'll get a divorce." Deciding whether it's the right choice takes time, and then actually going through the process can take even longer.

We can't help you with the soul-searching that goes into deciding whether to get a divorce. That's what family, friends, and community are for.

But if you've made the decision to pursue a divorce, there are some first steps you can take. While they may not ease the emotional decision, it may help you deal with the process.

Mediation May Be a 'Friendlier' Option for Your Divorce

The courtroom may be the traditional option for couples going through a divorce, but it's possible to skip the process entirely. Mediation is often a friendlier choice, and it may be better for you than a costly court battle.

We're not saying judges aren't friendly and mediators are all wonderful. They're just people after all, so some are wonderful, some are jerks, and most are somewhere in-between.

The "friendly" aspect of mediation refers more to the outcome. For couples who need to keep a civil relationship, like those with children, it can make a big difference.