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First Steps When You're Getting Divorced

Figuring out how to deal with divorce isn't an easy process. No one just wakes up one morning thinking "maybe today I'll get a divorce." Deciding whether it's the right choice takes time, and then actually going through the process can take even longer.

We can't help you with the soul-searching that goes into deciding whether to get a divorce. That's what family, friends, and community are for.

But if you've made the decision to pursue a divorce, there are some first steps you can take. While they may not ease the emotional decision, it may help you deal with the process.

Familiarize Yourself With the Process

A divorce is a legal proceeding, which means there is specific paperwork that goes along with it. But you don't have to wait and wonder what it will look like.

You can find Fulton County's forms online and take a look at what's included. That way you'll be more prepared for what the court will want to know when you start your proceedings. Avoiding surprises will make the process go more smoothly.

Organize Your Financial Life

Aside from children, money is the No. 1 issue in marriage whether it's property, assets, or cash. The court will force you to describe your finances in detail during your divorce, so you might as well start now.

It's not just about being proactive; having a better handle on your finances will help you decide whether you need an attorney to help with your divorce.

If you don't have much in the way of money to divide, you and your ex might be able to sort things out and take the paperwork to a court for approval. But if you have a lot to divide, having a lawyer on your side will ensure that the process is fair to you.

Get Answers to Your Questions

Divorce is highly personal; after all, it's about your life. At some point general information won't be enough and you'll need to figure out how your specific situation will work out.

If you're a member of a legal plan that includes free unlimited consultation calls with a lawyer, like the plan offered by LegalStreet, you can take advantage of it by asking all your legal questions to a professional.

But if you have to go it alone, there are some free online resources that can help you. Your first stop should be checking out FindLaw's in-depth section on divorce.

(Disclosure: LegalStreet and are owned by the same company.)

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