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Mediation May Be a 'Friendlier' Option for Your Divorce

The courtroom may be the traditional option for couples going through a divorce, but it's possible to skip the process entirely. Mediation is often a friendlier choice, and it may be better for you than a costly court battle.

We're not saying judges aren't friendly and mediators are all wonderful. They're just people after all, so some are wonderful, some are jerks, and most are somewhere in-between.

The "friendly" aspect of mediation refers more to the outcome. For couples who need to keep a civil relationship, like those with children, it can make a big difference.

Mediation works by having an objective third party (a mediator) help facilitate a conversation between you and your ex. The goal is to help you each better understand your own needs and those of the other person.

From there, you can hopefully work out a compromise that both of you are satisfied with.

That's not the same as being happy; the goal is just for no one to leave feeling that what happened was unfair. That way you can continue being at least civil to each other.

Not all legal issues are well suited to mediation, but for the most part divorce cases do well with the process.

Rather than focusing on who "wins" or "gets what they want," mediation focuses on the relationship between the parties. Ideally, the process helps maintain whatever relationship you have left.

Just becasue it's an alternative to court doesn't mean you have to go through the process without help. An experienced Atlanta family attorney can help you prepare for mediation and, depending on the process, may even go through it with you.

If it doesn't work out, there's no real loss. You can easily take the issue back to court to resolve it. The bonus is that now you have a better idea of what you want.

There's a time and place for courtroom drama, but it's generally not while trying to sort out your life in a divorce. Instead of a drawn-out fight, think about mediation. You have almost nothing to lose.

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