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Avoid, Facebook If You're Going Through Divorce

You've heard people say it before: Stay off Facebook if you're going through a divorce.

In fact, it may be good advice to stay off any website where you have a public profile. And you may not want to update your status or post pictures either.

Why? Because according to a recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 64% of lawyers say they've cited profiles as evidence in divorce cases.

Is Legal Separation a Good Alternative to Divorce?

Traditionally, the only legal alternative to getting a divorce was to stay married, with the illegal option being "find a way to get rid of your spouse." But more couples these days are choosing legal separation instead.

That means those couples are still officially married in the eyes of the law. But in day to day life, they aren't really together anymore.

Is that the right choice for you? It's hard to say, although your attorney might be able to give you better advice. What we can offer is some things to think about. For example:

Calculating Alimony: How Courts Decide

Getting a divorce is an expensive process. Then you throw in calculating alimony, which means one person is still making payments after the divorce is settled.

How much is alimony in general? It's hard to put a number on it since there are a lot of factors that go into the decision.

Courts want to make sure that everything from the marriage is fairly divided. Alimony is designed to compensate a spouse for intangible contributions that can't be split.