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Child Custody in Atlanta

At the time of a divorce, the parents are required to come up with a plan that provides for how the children will be taken care of. Unless the parents fashion a child custody arrangement on their own or during mediation with a certified child custody mediation specialist, a Georgia family law court will use a “best interests of the child” approach to make the determination about a child’s schedule.

There are different types of child custody arrangements. Many couples end up with joint legal custody, with one parent serving as the “custodial” parent and the other deemed the “non-custodial” parent, who is responsible for paying child support and sees the child on a scheduled basis. Courts also consider single custody, where only one parent is the legal and physical custodian -- although courts generally favor keeping both parents involved.

Child custody is perhaps the most important part of a divorce. And even If you can handle the divorce filing and break up the marital property on your own, it is advisable to retain an Atlanta Family Law attorney for the child custody part of a divorce.

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3 Reasons to Go to Family Law Court

Many people consider family court to be one of the most difficult courts to attend due to the personal matters involved. But sometime it's necessary. Family law governs all matters of the family unit, including marriage, divorce, adoption, and child custody issues.

In Atlanta, the Superior Court of Fulton County has a specialized family law division that handles the proceedings.

With an eye toward resolving your family's legal problems, here are three reasons to go to family court:

How to File for Child Custody in Georgia

As seen in the recent tragic case of Eric Forbes, a 12-year-old from Paulding County who may have been beaten to death by his father, parents often revisit custody decisions when circumstances change.

Since the boy's death, Forbes' mother has been trying to get custody of his younger sister, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Each state has its own rules about filing for child custody, and Georgia is no different.

Modifying Child Custody in Georgia

It's rare for a custody order to remain the same over a period of years. Lifestyles change, and that means modifying custody may be a good idea. Each state has its own rules about custody, and Georgia is no different.

In an ideal world, you and your ex could come to an agreement on how to split time, and both of you would stick to those rules. But that kind of situation rarely happens.

The problem with a verbal agreement is that it's hard to enforce in court. If you want to modify a custody order, it's best to follow the legal rules.

At FindLaw’s Atlanta Family Law Blog, we cover a lot of celebrity news, particularly with regard to divorce, child custody, and any number of other family law issues. With the TomKat split and the Usher custody battle making headlines, 2012 was a pretty wild year for family law news.

So here are our top five celebrity family law stories of 2012.

Kanye West dropped a bombshell on stage Sunday night by singing, "God brought us a whole new plan, baby. 'Cause now you're having my baby."

That's right. Kim Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye's baby, according to TMZ. To complicate matters, Kim is still technically married to Kris Humphries -- a fact that could affect the paternity determination.

Former NBA star Javaris Crittenton is in more trouble. The ex-Georgia Tech player is already facing a murder charge in Atlanta. Now he's been hit with a restraining order as well.

Crittenton allegedly slapped his baby mama Tyress Daniels in the face while she was breastfeeding their 1-day-old child, according to TMZ. A temporary restraining order has been filed, requiring Crittenton to stay at least 100 yards away from Daniels and their newborn son.

After only a year of married life, Sarah Palin's son Track and his wife Britta are calling it quits.

The couple jointly filed for divorce in an Alaskan court, TMZ reports. No word yet on how Track and Britta will split custody of their 1-year-old daughter, Kyla.

The holidays are already the most hectic time of year. Add visitation schedules and custody arrangements to the mix, and things can get pretty hairy.

To further complicate the matter, let's say you and your ex practice different religions. What happens when a Christian parent and a Jewish parent divorce? What about a Hindu parent and a parent who's an atheist? Who gets to decide the children's religion? And who gets the kids for the holidays?

Lakers star Steve Nash made the move from Phoenix to Los Angeles earlier this year, but apparently he doesn't want his kids to follow him.

When Nash joined the Lakers, he reportedly said one of the benefits of the move was that he'd be closer to his three children.

Strangely, the point guard is now trying to prevent his ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla from moving their kids from Phoenix to California, TMZ reports. Nash hasn't given his reasons, but it could be over child support.

After nine years of marriage, "The Big Bang Theory" star Mayim Bialik and husband Michael Stone are calling it quits.

Bialik filed divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing the classic "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split, TMZ reports. The divorce seems somewhat amicable, however, with Bialik requesting joint custody of the couple's two sons.