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Today's families face a wide array of legal issues, and many of these don't fit into neatly defined categories. Other Family Law issues that may be dealt with under this section include foster care, surrogacy, minor emancipation, dependency, and guardianship. Some topics, such as juvenile crime, domestic violence, and child abuse, overlap with other legal areas, such as criminal law and personal injury law.

Legal actions related to family law are often emotionally charged and painful, and having access to an experienced Atlanta Family Law attorney may better ensure your rights are represented in court. Some attorneys may focus on one or just a handful of specialties; but all have a basic understanding of family law issues in general and can help you navigate your way through the family law system.

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Inheritance and Adoption: 3 Legal Issues to Consider

Adoption is an exciting event for families in Atlanta, but adding more family members could affect inheritance laws.

If you have a will, you can add your adopted family to it. If a person dies without a will in Georgia, an intestate succession plan will kick in and the deceased's children are likely first in line to inherit.

So what are three legal inheritance issues to consider when adopting?

3 Reasons to Go to Family Law Court

Many people consider family court to be one of the most difficult courts to attend due to the personal matters involved. But sometime it's necessary. Family law governs all matters of the family unit, including marriage, divorce, adoption, and child custody issues.

In Atlanta, the Superior Court of Fulton County has a specialized family law division that handles the proceedings.

With an eye toward resolving your family's legal problems, here are three reasons to go to family court:

How Does Emancipation Work in Georgia?

How much do you know about the emancipation process in Georgia? Whether you have a child who is pondering it, are considering it yourself, or are just curious, emancipation is often a lengthy (and very difficult) process with rules that vary by state.

For example, is child considered a legal adult after emancipation? Or is he or she simply separated from his parents and still a minor? Also, how does one "apply" for emancipation?

Here's an overview:

What is Georgia's Slayer Statute?

Georgia and many other states have laws called "slayer statutes" that prevent someone who caused the death of another from inheriting their murder victim's money.

This means that if one of your heirs murders you, Georgia law may prevent the killer from getting his inheritance.

But your money might go elsewhere.

Do Stepparents Get Visitation Rights in Georgia?

Stepparents in many states have a hand in raising a child, which we often see in Hollywood. But in Georgia, stepparents can't be awarded visitation rights or be obligated to pay child support to stepchildren.

In most states, the court will show a strong preference to the natural parents' wishes, but stepparents can still overcome that presumption.

Georgia, however, is another story.

Changing Your Last Name After You Get Married: The How-To

Tell someone that you're engaged to be married and you will suddenly be the recipient of more wedding and marriage advice than you knew existed. But we'd be surprised if any of that advice includes how to go about changing your last name.

Maybe that's because the process is so simple that people assume you'll figure it out. But you know what they say about assuming, right?

Let's just say that it can go poorly for you. It's much better to know what you actually need to do to change your name after your wedding.

Don't Dismiss Getting a Prenup Until You Know the Facts

Unless you're a celebrity or a millionaire, most couples don't consider getting a prenup before the wedding. But that may because they don't know all the facts about prenups.

If everything you know about prenuptial agreements comes from reading the news, you probably think their only function is to kick in during divorce. But for most couples a prenup can be very useful during a marriage.

Is a prenup right for you? The answer is probably yes, but below we've listed some facts about prenups so you can make your own decisions.

At FindLaw’s Atlanta Family Law Blog, we cover a lot of celebrity news, particularly with regard to divorce, child custody, and any number of other family law issues. With the TomKat split and the Usher custody battle making headlines, 2012 was a pretty wild year for family law news.

So here are our top five celebrity family law stories of 2012.

After a whopping eight months of marriage, Jeremy Shockey and wife Daniela Cortazar-Shockey have had enough.

The 32-year-old NFL free agent filed divorce papers late last year in Miami, claiming his marriage was "irretrievably broken," according to TMZ. Unfortunately for Cortazar-Shockey, there's apparently an airtight prenup that could bar her from getting anything in the split.

Katt Williams has had a wild month. First, he was accused of assaulting a bar manager with a pool cue. Then, he allegedly slapped a Target employee in the face. Just a few days later, the comedian reportedly whipped an audience member with a microphone at one of his shows.

Now Williams is facing charges, not for his public antics, but for private ones. The comedian was arrested Friday after LAPD officers reportedly found numerous guns and illegal drugs at his Woodland Hills home, TMZ reports.

The worst part may be that Williams' four children were living in the home with him.