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Annulment in Atlanta

If you get drunk and married to someone whose name you don’t even remember, or you are duped into marrying someone who with an undisclosed disease, would you want to remain married? In such a situation, the law provides the opportunity to “annul” a marriage. In an annulment, it is as if the marriage was never valid to begin with. This way you are not liable for alimony, for example, and once the marriage is canceled, you would not be considered “divorced.”

Some other examples of marriages that can get annulled are mock marriages, such as various “green card” marriages. Other marriages that might be annulled would include those where the other person is already married (bigamy). For a full list of situations where a marriage might be “voided” -- or as the legal term goes, annulled -- it is best to check with an Atlanta Family Law attorney.

Recently in Annulment Category

Tiki Barber Wedding to Traci Lynn Johnson Is On Hold

Numerous fans of the NFL will remember Tiki Barber as the former running back of the New York Giants. But he's also been the subject of celebrity gossip because of his later job at NBC and the saga of his relationship with ex-wife Ginny Barber and potential new wife Traci Lynn Johnson. It turns out now that Tiki Barber's wedding to Traci Lynn Johnson is on hold pending the divorce with Ginny Barber, reports the Huffington Post.

Barber split from his wife Ginny of eleven years while she was pregnant, and then got together with Traci Lynn Johnson, an intern at NBC. They later became engaged.

Georgia Woman Accused of Bigamy

Many people follow the TLC show Sister Wives about a polygamist family in Utah. But there may be a brother husbands situation happening right here in Georgia, even though the husbands didn’t know it at the time.

A Cobb County woman married a man in Gwinnett County in 2004 and while still married to him, married another man in Cobb County in 2007, thus engaging in bigamy, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Diane Tucker, the Georgia woman accused of bigamy, was discovered in 2009, when her second husband uncovered the facts after she was arrested for allegedly trying to steal a pick-up truck.

Grounds For Annulment in Georgia

Instead of getting a divorce, some married couples will instead choose to end their relationship by having their marriage annulled. the most famous recent example of an annulment was of course, Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger in 2005.

An annulment means that a marriage between the two parties was never valid, which in turn means that the legal rights of the marriage can be considered void. For example, no permanent alimony, succession rights, or marital property rights can be awarded if a couple separates by annulment.

Embattled DeKalb County schools administrator Patricia "Pat" Pope now goes by the name Patricia Reid, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article about her unusual annulment. She had an annulment granted to her because she was married to someone else without her knowledge. 

In unrelated news, she is being investigated for suspicion of corruption related to school contracts awarded to her ex-husband's architectural firm.

Turns out, she didn't realize she still was legally married to someone else when she married Anthony "Tony" Pope. 

Patricia Reid had filed for divorce from the unnamed previous husband in 2001, but it was dismissed, which she claims she did not know. She married Anthony Pope in 2005, and only became aware of the unresolved former marriage after she went to file for divorce from her most recent spouse.