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Georgia Family Law Court Documents & Forms

As with any other legal action, family court cases involve plenty of paperwork. Most of these forms are best handled by an Atlanta family law attorney and we make no claims or guarantees regarding their use (nor does the Georgia court system, which provides these forms).

Below are links to various forms and documents used in Georgia state courts. While these are from the Fulton County Superior Court, they can be used for any county in the state: 

Click on one of the three links for direct links to the listed forms:

General Forms: Acknowledgment of Service; Acknowledgment of Service and Waiver of Jurisdiction; Acknowledgment of Service and Waiver of Venue; Affidavit of Diligent Search; Certificate of Service;
Consent to Trial within 31 Days; Domestic Mediation Initiation Form;
Domestic Relations Case Filing Information Form; Domestic Relations Case Final Disposition Form; Final Judgment and Decree - Short Form; Generic Affidavit; General Civil Case Filing Information Form;
General Civil Case Final Disposition Form; Parenting Plan; Rule Nisi;

Initiation Packet with Forms: Automatic Domestic Standing Order;
Domestic Relations Case Filing Form; Domestic Intake Worksheet;
About the 30- and 60-Day Conferences; Request to Postpone a Conference; Domestic Relations Financial Affidavit; Answers to Interrogatories; 30-Day Joint Compliance Certificate; 30-Day Joint Compliance Worksheet; 60-Day Joint Compliance Certificate; Proposed Pre-Trial Order; Child Support Addendum; Required Documents to be Produced; Final Agreement; Scheduling Order;
Consolidated Scheduling Order; Families in Transition Seminar Information; Emergency Services Resource List 

Packets: Annulment; Answer and Counterclaim; Change of Custody and Child Support; Contempt; Divorce; Income Deduction Order;
Legitimation; Modification of Visitation; Name Change - Adult; Name Change - Minor; Poverty Affidavit; Separation Agreement; Voluntary Dismissal